Sadeh Architectural Consultancy Company

Addre:1st Floor, No. 1, Dayana Ave. Mojtabaie Ave, Ketabi Sq, Mirdamad, Tehran – IRAN
Tel.:+98-21-22890807 – +98-21-22890808
Fax: +98-21-22868287

Sadeh is an Architecture Consultant Company with 22 years of working experience in this field. We have different services which are provided in three different phases: which are (feasibility and research), phase one (design services), and phase two (technical design and preparation of details of implementation of designs).

We counsel and design different projects in the following areas:
• Architectural Consulting and design of different buildings
• Structural consulting and design
• Mechanical and Electrical Consulting and design
• Urban planning projects
• Urban design projects
• Restoration and renovation of buildings and monuments
• Landscaping and green space design
• Utilization of modern constructions systems
• Interior Design
• BES and BMS of constructions
We’ve done a lot of projects in different fields
About 30 projects on educational health subjects like designing different Hospitals and health centers. We also did great projects on recreational tourism subject. Like our projects in Caracas or our scholars pavilion in united nation.